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 Welcome to my website

My Name is Hameed, I am from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Since I was a child I loved nature. I lived on a farm in a beautiful part of Basra, Iraq, surrounded by many rivers and canals.

During the summer season it was sunny, warm and the perfect time for people to collect the produce and take it to the market. There were animals and various species of birds. My childhood was rich with many colourful and wonderful memories.

My family has always been important to me. My parents, brothers and sisters and especially my Grandfather, who was a remarkable and respected man in the community. He was caring and wise. This added to my soul and heart an everlasting love of the world around me which I still carry to this day.

I am a University graduate with B.sc degree in Economics.

My knowledge and business background has enabled me to establish a trading company with other partners; to build a link with various countries in the world.

As a  Beekeeper and Gardener I  link with various bee groups and horticultural organizations in the city. My favourite hobbies and interests are: Bee keeping Flower arranging,  Gardening, Floral art, Photography and Caring for the environment.

I achieved several prizes and trophies for my work with community project which was presented by the mayor of Newcastle and others.

My challenge is to build a good professional beekeeping website full of interest and information to help others in their business and community ventures.

Thank you for visiting my website and signing the guest book, I hope you found my website interesting.

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